Award Winning

What Works Clearinghouse Gives HELP Math the Highest Possible Rating

The latest award for HELP Math has been given by the U.S. Department of Education's What Works Clearinghouse.

The study, Help with English Language Proficiency (HELP) Math Program-Evaluation of HELP Sheltered Instruction Multimedia Lessons, was conducted by Dr. Zung Vu Tran, Ph.D. who has worked extensively with the National Institutes of Health and other scientific and educational organization, and confirms statistically significant higher math test scores scores for learners using HELP Math's research-based intervention.

According to the WWC, “...the study found, and the WWC confirmed, that students in the HELP© condition had scores that were statistically significantly higher than students in the comparison condition on the math achievement post test,” and “the research described in the report on HELP Math meets WWC evidence standards without reservations.”

The study showed a high effect size of 0.89.

Other awards for HELP Math include:

Technology-Driven Innovations for Teaching English Learners from the Lexington Institute. "In addition to meeting the federal Department of Education’s highest quality standard, an independent study conducted by the Colorado Department of Education found that HELP Math student scores increased 42 percent while the control group’s scores increased only 4.6 percent."

"Sixth and seventh grade student groups showed the greatest math gains of 75 percent and 71 percent respectively. HELP Math’s success delivering core academic content to ELL students points to it as a promising innovation for schools struggling to provide grade-level content in English to English language learners."

The National Award for Excellence in Education from EdTech Digest's “Cool Tool Award” for “outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.”

HELP Math won in the “Special Needs” category as the innovative educational technology solution that best addresses the needs of English language learners.

A Top 100 Products award from District Administrator magazine.

And many others...

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